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Our vision is to offers you the best shopping experience possible for quality freshwater and marine fishes…all at great prices.
Owned and operated by veterinarians Dr. fenard and Dr. lude, widely regarded as the nation's leading pet product experts, Tonnex Fish Farm.com is the largest and most responsible supplier of the best spices of fish in the country.

Only the most experienced and responsible suppliers in the industry get to work with us - those who share our commitment to the preservation of our oceans and the life within them. To protect our natural resources, we support companies investing in aquacultured and tankraised species.

Our Aquatic Specialists help educate aquarium owners - whether novice, hobbyist or a seasoned enthusiast - on the proper care of the aquarium's inhabitants as well as how to provide the best possible aquarium habitat.

Our veterinarian-inspected and approved holding facilities use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to maintain precise water conditions and maintain all aquatic life in optimum health

The quality and health of our aquatic life is second to none. Each specimen is visually inspected by an experienced aquatic expert before it is selected for your aquarium. While in our care, every fish is offered the proper foods to meet its specific nutritional requirements.

Our detailed Acclimation Guide, included with every order, will take you step-by-step through the process of adjusting your new aquatic life to their new home