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Sports Day Newsletter March 2013

Welcome to our Athletic Sports and Visiting Day. We hope very much that you will have a lovely time with your Wards. We are striving to make our environment much more attractive. PLEASE do not leave litter/bottles/cartons etc lying around the school campus. PLEASE place rubbish in the bins and bags provided.   PLEASE leave us as you found us – neat and tidy!      THANK YOU!
PARKING   Please park in the areas by the Parent’s Chalet unless otherwise directed by the Security Officers.


We would be grateful if all parents / drivers / security etc would use the Toilets in the College rather than urinate in the open air. Thank you

ALL JSS1 – SS2 Pupils vacate on Saturday, 23rd March


The Proposed SS3 two week break
The Principal originally put this two week break into the Calendar to give the SS3 students a break! Some parents were for it, others totally against. This has now had to be changed for the following reasons:

1. This change is not of the Principal’s making but due to the last minute planning of WAEC, as they cannot make up their minds about dates for practicals / orals / and possibly changed examination dates of several examinations which are likely to be in the next two weeks! We were informed of this on Wednesday and so informed parents of SS3 immediately!

2. Three years ago WAEC changed the actual day of an examination the day before it was due to happen......we found out by accident from Oko Comprehensive School who had to come to us to borrow chemicals because they weren't prepared because of the sudden change!!

3. I should point out that we received the Cambridge Examination Timetable last October (as every year) and there are never any changes.

4. The earliest that WAEC may be able to tell us revised dates is Monday (but in our experience unlikely) as they are "HOPING" to meet on Saturday.

The Principal is not prepared to risk your wards failing Examinations because they are absent from College and WAEC suddenly changes the dates without warning.
If you have complaints please direct them to The Registrar, WAEC and NOT the Principal.


Parents are reminded that if they wish to speak with their wards then the permission of the Principal has to be sought first of all. Permission cannot be granted by any other person. Parents should also note that there will be times when permission will not be granted, as it is not convenient to the College or its programmes. Your cooperation is appreciated and expected.


PARENTS ARE REMINDED that if their wards are caught with Contraband at the beginning of Terms and on Visiting Days then those pupils will be gated on the next Visiting Day and Parents not allowed to visit their Ward.
Parents are EXPECTED to abide by the Rules of the College and not aid and abet their Wards.

Parents are reminded that in the College Prospectus that each parent received when they purchased an Admission Form it is clearly stated that:
A full Term’s notice must be given in writing of a parent’s intention to withdraw a student from the school. Failure to do so will result in full payment of fees for the Term being charged.
 This also means that no Transfer Certificates / Transcripts etc will be released until the Fees have been  

Any parent who is able to get Parasols from different companies for the Parents’ Picnic Area then please do so for the benefit of all. Please let the Principal know.  Thank you.


SS2 Parents are to pay =N=40,000 to the Account’s Department for the Citizenship and Leadership Training Course which ALL SS2 pupils take every year. SS2 Students, who reside outside of Lagos and Ibadan will return to the College on Saturday 13th April to travel on 14th April. Those in Lagos and Ibadan will be told of arrangements to collect them.


College Calendar

LENT TERM      2013

Inter-House Sports and Visiting Day
SS3 Pupils Vacate

Saturday, 9th March  11a.m.

End of Term Examinations and School Reports

7th – 15th March

Commonwealth Day

Monday, 11th March

The Passion of Christ

Friday, 22nd  March 7p.m.

End of Term
SS3 Pupils return for Extension Programmes

Saturday, 23rd March

Christian Feast of Easter

Sunday, 31st March



Pupils Resume

Saturday, 20th April

Classes Commence

Monday, 21st  April 

1st CA Tests

13th – 17th May

Visiting Day and Parent / Teacher Consultation on pupil progress

18th  May    10a.m. – 4p.m.    

Junior BECE Examinations (JSS3)

20th – 31st May

Children’s Day

Monday,  27th May

Democracy Day

Wednesday,  29th May

2nd CA Tests

10th – 14th June

Second Entrance Examination
Visiting Day
PTA Meeting 

Saturday, 8th June 9a.m.
11a.m. – 4p.m.

End of Year Promotion Examinations and School Reports

17th – 25th June

Founder’s Weekend

29th / 30th June


Friday, 5th July 7p.m.

Speech Day/Graduation

Saturday, 6th  July 11.00a.m.

End of the Academic Year

Saturday, 6th  July


ADVANCE NOTICE:   Michaelmas Term 2013 commences with Prefects and ALL New Pupils starting on 8th September 2013 and all other pupils returning on either Saturday 14th or Sunday 15th September to suit Parents.

The Principal endorses the Oxford Royale Academy Summer Schools
for pupils aged 13 – 18 years old.  Please read the following:

Oxford Royale Academy is a leading provider of educational summer schools in the university city of Oxford. Every year, ORA welcomes students from around the world to our courses - last summer, students from more than 90 nations attended our programmes. For 2013, they are offering 45 different study options, and all courses are residential in colleges of the University of Oxford.

All students experience a taste of what life as an undergraduate student at Oxford is like. They are committed to Academic excellence, with students attending 21 hours of tuition a week on all courses. Their courses fall into five different categories: Academic courses, English as a Foreign Language, Business and Enterprise, University Preparation and Film Academy.

The 2013 summer school will run between 30th June and 10th August 2013, and consists of three 2-week sessions. Each course lasts for a minimum of 2-weeks and a maximum of 4-weeks. For full details of these programmes, please visit their website at, where you can download a copy of the 2013 brochure. If you have any questions, their friendly head office team would be happy to help - simply email or telephone +44 (0) 845 130 60 21.

Recently a professional photographer came to take a photo of the whole school. The Photograph may be viewed in my PAs Office. If you would like to register for a copy then do so with my PA. They cost =N=7,000 (the cost to us by the photographer) unframed.



Chief (Dr.) Roy K. Lillyman

Principal and CEO