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Care for the Individual

Children need security and will find it here within a many-layered system of tutorial care designed to develop self-confidence. We have a reputation as a friendly school with a family atmosphere. As with the best families, great care is taken to ensure that boys and girls are given individual attention.

Tutors offer support and advice through frequent contact with pupils and parents. They seek to monitor academic, cultural and physical progress, and to ensure that each of their pupils can find opportunities to excel as well as be self-disciplined and accept responsibility from an early stage and, ultimately, to play a significant part in the life of the school. Good pastoral care is at the heart of academic success.

Although there are of course formal parents’ visiting days, all parents are welcome to contact the school at any time and are encouraged to do so.

Enriching the Curriculum

Many pupils gain as much success outside the classroom as they do within it. We place a high degree of value upon the range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities that run throughout the academic year.

Thomas Adewumi International College has a reputation for promoting cultural and artistic activities as well as taking part in Music Festivals and being a centre for music making within the community. During the college year we also stage presentations of Concerts, Plays, Evenings of Cultural Expression as well as Art Exhibitions.

Throughout the year pupils take part in excursions, field trips, visits to Museums, places of historic interest, centres of production, universities and technological institutes.

Life Beyond School

Over 95% of Thomas Adewumi International Colleges' pupils progress to a course of higher education at university either at home or overseas. The wide range of degree courses followed reflects the broad education offered here.

The Ex-Pupils’ Association

The college’s involvement with its pupils does not end when they leave. The Ex-Pupils’ Association exists to help former pupils and teachers to keep in touch with each other, and to further the interests of both the Association and College.

There is an annual reunion at the college and other events are organized throughout the year.

Former pupils are always welcome at the college and their eventual offspring even more so. From JSS1 to the Ex-Pupils’ Association, Thomas Adewumi International Colleges' involvement with its pupils is a life-long affair.

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