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The Curriculum

The College runs the National Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Programmes as well as the University of Cambridge General Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations. We are preparing for the introduction of the International Baccalaureate.

Junior Secondary

In the first three years the College emphasizes the basic skills in the core subjects which are:

  • English Language
    Integrated Science
    Social Studies
    Agricultural Science
    Fine Art
    Physical Education
    A Nigerian Language
    Home Economics
    Physical Education

    Information Technology

    Religious & Moral Education and
    Introductory Technology
    Business Studies

Senior Secondary

During the fourth, fifth and sixth years, students are prepared for the Senior Secondary Nigerian public examinations and the University of Cambridge GCE Examinations, all of which are taken in the third term of their sixth year.

Each student takes the six core subjects:

  • English Language
    Mathematics or Mathematics with Further Mathematics
    Agricultural Science, Technical Drawing, Art or Commerce

In addition to the core subjects a pupil may choose three options from the following:

  • Physics, Literature or Accounts
    Chemistry or Government
    French or Religious Studies


Assessment is continuous through classwork (written and oral), practical projects, regular three-weekly tests and preparation.

The International Baccalaureate

This rigorous pre-university course will be offered from September 2006 when the school will introduce a VI Form.

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