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We offer our students the tools necessary for a successful career in the future

The mission of Thomas Adewumi International College since its foundation is to form in our students habits, attitudes and values which will give them the capacity to be successful both in their Higher Education as well as become leaders in the competitive world in which they will live.

Our College offers Nursery, Primary and Secondary education, based on the British system, in which academic values, ethics and personal standards are put into practice as a preparation for life.

In the last 5,000 years we have generated knowledge that could be contained in 100 million books.






• Of these, 50% (50 million books) have been produced in the last 4 years.
• The other side of the story is that 45% of jobs available today will not exist in 10 years.
Conclusion: The progress of change is permanent and everyday increases.

As a consequence in the last few years education had evolved considerably and our students now live in a very different world today. We therefore have to prepare them to be successful in a competitive society.

Our aim, therefore, in offering VI Form Studies at Thomas Adewumi International College is:

  • To prepare the students academically, intellectually and socially.
  • To stimulate reflective criticism in knowledge and understanding, based on experiences both in and outside the classroom.
  • To provide an integral education and form solid citizens.
  • To learn how to learn and investigate using a diversity of methods and to evaluate the information analytically and reflectively.

A’ Levels …………The Key to Success

The University of Cambridge ‘A’ Level Examinations are at the forefront of international assessment and are recognised worldwide as a requirement for entry into higher education. ‘A’ Levels are also important to employers, who frequently demand them as a condition of employment.

The Key Benefits……….

International Recognition based on:
• Their reputation as rigorous and taxing programmes that encourage high academic standards
• Their acceptance by universities and colleges around the world – including all British Universities – for admission purposes

A wide choice of subjects is available giving students the option to follow a broad course of study, or specialise in a particular area.

Benefits for Students
• ‘A’ Level is a ‘gold standard’ qualification with an excellent reputation
• Good ‘A’ Level grades are a key to admission for all the world’s major English-speaking universities and many non-English speaking universities
• Good grades at ‘A’ Level can result in up to one full year of advanced standing or credit at universities in the USA and Canada
• Study and examination at ‘A’ Level provide in-depth knowledge and lifelong skills that are excellent preparation for employment
• ‘A’ Levels offer students a flexible course of study that gives them freedom to select the subjects that are right for them

Thomas Adewumi International College……Educating for Excellence

Thomas Adewumi International College, Oko

Providing a complete education for the whole of life

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